And then there was none...

Every beginning has an end, every end has a beginning.

That phrase has struck a chord with me the moment I first came across it.

After writing and/or blogging online for almost 15yrs (the last 4 under my own name,) I've found myself at a point in time where it has lost my interest.

In the days of the Information SuperHighway *snicker* the topics revolved around tech, the burgeoning p2p movement (think newsgroups, DC++, ed2k, IRC) and the like.

Writing then was 'easier' as I had plenty of content available to me that wasn't for many others.

Now, with Twitter and all that it offers, I find my rants becoming focused, and less wordy.

I may find myself here again, occasionally... The blog will stay live as there are some posts/links I wish to maintain.

As Wastebook no longer offers a mobile version of ones Page unless one has a minimum amount of likes... perhaps the writing is on the wall?

Thank you for reading along.

Should you wish to keep up with Bacon... you can follow along on Twitter @gjdonovan (see sidebar.)


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