And then there was none...

Every beginning has an end, every end has a beginning.

That phrase has struck a chord with me the moment I first came across it.

After writing and/or blogging online for almost 15yrs (the last 4 under my own name,) I've found myself at a point in time where it has lost my interest.

In the days of the Information SuperHighway *snicker* the topics revolved around tech, the burgeoning p2p movement (think newsgroups, DC++, ed2k, IRC) and the like.

Writing then was 'easier' as I had plenty of content available to me that wasn't for many others.

Now, with Twitter and all that it offers, I find my rants becoming focused, and less wordy.

I may find myself here again, occasionally... The blog will stay live as there are some posts/links I wish to maintain.

As Wastebook no longer offers a mobile version of ones Page unless one has a minimum amount of likes... perhaps the writing is on the wall?

Thank you for reading along.

Should you wish to keep up with Bacon... you can follow along on Twitter @gjdonovan (see sidebar.)

Hippy


I find that offensive!

Sometime in the early-mid 90's Ontario was in the midst of a discussion/issue/challenge about whether religious school funding should be extended to all religions. There was a case brought about on it, I just can't recall the details.

One of the papers representing the media of the day (and remember, no #smartphones #twitter #facebook or #youtube) the Toronto Star ran an article on the subject which generated a few Letters to the Editor.

Mine included.

At the time I said that either all schools for People of Religion (henceforth known as PoR... or #PoR for the enlightened) should receive financing (aka are subsidized) or schools for #PoR shouldn't receive a dime of public money.

To have the four separate schools boards that we now have across countless school districts is beyond understanding and acceptance.

Imagine if there were 6? Or 10? How about 20?

Insane no?

I felt that if this issue wasn't addressed immediately at some point in the next 20yrs the challenge will have spread beyond simply schools for #PoR.

Well already this year alone has brought about #charliehebdo #bokoharum #ISIS and the mess that is the Middle East.

Murdered, stoned, raped or burned... all in the name of religions of peace.

Someone once said that actions speak louder than words.

If we agree to this then either your religion is a belief in peace and you are both a criminal and insane... or, yours is a religion of intolerance and oppression and you can just Fuck Right Off.

With that we are now at that point in time where seemingly every day #PoR are offended for this, or offended by that. Blasphemy! Blasphemy I say! Some, like the state of #Indiana (and surprisingly 19 others) have enacted legislation, enshrining in law the overriding 'protection' needed against their sensibilities.

What's next? I walk in to a public office wearing short sleeves and the #PoR behind the counter refuses to serve me under the I'm Offended Because You're Different Act because their religion says that my tattoo's are the markings of Satan and they bring about a work stoppage (under the Health and Safety Act) filing a grievance because they will burn in hell (or be murdered by a family member) if they even look at me?

Now that may be a stretch... but not by much.

Google this if you think me mad.

And now a the world's christians are in the midst of a major holiday.

Yet why is it a Statutory Holiday in this country? Why are we, as a a people and as a country financing this? Supporting this in our supposed National Anthem? In our oath?

It is way past time that all religious references are pulled from all institutions, government offices, schools and library's.

Only then can we as a people, be truly tolerant.

We spend our days demanding special treatment from those we see as different, without accepting that we are all of the the same race.

We are One Race.

I am Human.

If you can't accept that, then I could say that I feel sorry for you... but I won't.


It's about time...

I just finished 'cleaning' up my personal Facebook account.

Was a long time coming.

This has nothing to do with the (now) useless and irrelevant Timeline algorithm, I just didn't see the point in sharing personal photo's and such with those I'd never knew/met/spoken to/had a drink with/shared a d00b with/exchanged emails or even texted. I just don't see the point.

Please take no offence, but with the lack of privacy in today's world... well, you see what I mean.

This does not mean the NSA can't (and doesn't) continue to read my personal page. :p

Everyone else... you can follow along here, or my Facebook Page, or even Twitter.

Please and thanks.

Here... have some bacon.



Plus One

At 01:32hrs on Friday the 20th of March (the first day of spring, and... the date of our last solar eclipse) Ali (herself having turned 23 the day before) and her partner Stirling welcomed their first born... a Son. Weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 14oz this little man has changed their world forever.

As a first time GrandFather I have to say that you, have changed mine as well.

Hello and welcome to our newest family member... Caelum Tristan Greensides.




* Happy New Year!
* Ali is now 36 weeks... full term. Caelum, we await your arrival;
* My Leafs suck... still;
* F**k this wind, seriously;
* 3rd floor of this house... you are now mine;
* 1st xmas with A&S was nice;
* Neo has still got the moves;
* Online discussions about serious subjects can rarely be had;
* a 2nd ablation looks to be required;
* had my 1st visit to the 'new' Hot-Box Cafe;
* Relationships... they come and they go. As long as you learn something, it wasn't a waste of time;
* explain please how I couldn't give my kids PB&J's for school, but YOUR kids can come with the measles, whooping cough, the mumps... need I go on;
* Happy-spend-money-to-prove-your-love-Day!
* My leafs suck... again. Have I already mentioned that? Read More...